if i killed myself tonight

 If I killed myself tonight
Would you think it's all your fault?
Would you hold my dead body,
And apologize to my dead soul?

If my breath died in my throat,
If my brain finally collapsed
Would you lay down by my side,
Would you forget about the past?

Make my wishes be ignored:
If my cold body was buried
Would you put flowers on my grave,
One for every year I lived?

And make my wishes be attended:
If my ashes flew away,
Would you run after the wind,
Would you try to hold me back?

What if my ashes kept on flying
And ended drowning in the sea?
Would you follow them, still,
Would you risk your life for me?

If I kill myself tonight,
And do not be but sincere,
Will you say you love me back,
Or will you only shed a tear? 

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